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Range Rover Join the Hybrid Game


Range Rover HybridWith strict Euro emission laws lurking in the not too distant future, car manufacturers are having to do everything they can to reduce the CO2 output across their range. Even brands such as Range Rover must comply and hence we see the announcement of production hybrids for the first time in the companies history.

From 10th of September you can walk into your local dealership and place an order for either a Sport hybrid or a full fat Range Rover hybrid. Utilising a TDV6 diesel as well as an electric motor, the new cars output 335BHP and 516lb ft of torque. Despite the added weight of a battery pack, these cars will out accelerate their standard models. 44.1MPG has been quoted for both the Sport and Range Rover with both cars also capable of running on an all-electric mode up to 30MPH.