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Sebastian Vettel Becomes 4 Times F1 World Champion


Vettel India 2013Much like his idol, Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel has won his fourth consecutive Formula One world championship. The race that anointed him was the Indian Grand Prix, an event the young German has won every year. He needed to finish in 5th position or above in order to claim the title. Armed with pole position and very little opposition he won the race comfortably. Vettel now becomes one of only three drivers ever to have won four championships in a row.

Sebastian Vettel’s talent behind the wheel of a Formula One car is indisputable, that said the global following of F1 have not entirely fallen in love with him despite proving his dominance time and again. The Adrian Newey designed cars that have propelled Germany’s new number one driver to the top have always been technologically superior than its competitors. So is the real talent the man or the machine? That debate will surge for years, but to win a title so conclusively Sebastian Vettel deserves nothing but admiration.