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Top Gear New Series Slated By Fans


Top Gear Live 2011 Studio StageArguably the BBC’s most valuable program, Top Gear, returned to our screens for its 20th series last night. Clarkson, Hammond and May indulged viewers in a hot hatchback war, an epic race in New Zealand and introduced a brand new reasonably priced car. The show has enjoyed global success over the years but what was shown on BBC Two last night was not to everyones liking.

Whilst popping over to Top Gear’s official website to see what fans made of the beginning of this new series, I was surprised to find a bit of a ruckus. In the comments for their “post-show discussion” were many viewers painting a clear picture of their disappointment. Many agreed with a comment from Nick Horton as he said “How anyone can still rave about this program is beyond me. It has become boring, formulaic, and tired. What was ten years ago genuinely must watch TV has become a parody of itself.” Andy Sykes said “Predictable, unoriginal and boring. Recycled jokes and tired, formulaic content. Desperately in need of some new ideas, and new characters.” Though there were some positive interjections, the general consensus appears that views feel that the show has stagnated somewhat with Lucas Wilson even going so far as to say “Anyone who thinks that this episode was good should watch the Top Gear episodes from 2007, that was proper Top Gear. Could you please make it the last series (i’m a huge TG fan), but the presenters look totally washed out and not look like they enjoy it. The format is now over 10 years old and is getting tired now.”

Personally, and particularly over the past few series, I do see where people are coming from. That said I also feel that any TV show that gets such a large number of people interested in cars in no bad thing. I guess it is like making a cup of tea for millions, some like it black but others with milk and sugar. It is very hard to please everyone…