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What Colour Should Your Focus RS Be?


2016 Ford Focus RS colourWhen it comes to buying a new car one of the biggest decisions to be made is what colour it will be. Get it wrong at this early stage in the game and you could be stuck with a machine you can’t stand looking at. The new 2016 Ford Focus RS has proven to be capable of living up to the buzz that surrounded it. In the UK over 3,000 people have placed an order for the 345 BHP hot hatchback. There are 5 colours to choose from, but what would you go for?

Stealth Grey is the only non-cost option for paint and is actually the least popular colour so far. In the metal the flat colour looks rather good, but personally there are better choices. Just 7% of the preorders are this grey.

Magnetic is a really interesting colour as it adds some depth to the car. Certainly a more premium option, this paint will cost an extra £525. Currently 9% of UK preorders are made up by Magnetic.

Shadow Black enforces a slightly sinister tone on the 2016 Ford Focus RS. With blue Brembo brake callipers it really does look the part. £525 is the cost of this colour that holds 10%.

Frozen white has proven popular as it also did with the MK2 Focus RS. This clean sporting look possesses 13% of all UK preorders to date.

For those of you who are good at maths, you might have noticed the large gap in what would be the total. That is because a colossal 61% of preorders are in this cars bespoke Nitrous Blue. It looks very unique, but does cost an extra £745. Clearly customers think it is well worth the cost.

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