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2014 Mini Details Revealed


2014 Mini engineSince its rebirth, the “new Mini” has become just as popular as its pint sized forefather. Retaining its cheeky looks and keen handling characteristics, the modern car pulled off the same trick as the original in being appealing to just about everyone. Convertibles, estates and even a crossover can be found rolling out of the Mini production plant today, but change is coming for this little car and it could be argued as the biggest in its history.

The 2014 Mini is a complete redesign from the ground up and all of these changes will soon be coming to the models that have been spawned thus far from the hatchback. Mini have revealed some details on the new car. There will be two petrol engines on offer from day one; a 1.5 litre 3 cylinder turbocharged unit with 134BHP and 162lb ft of torque, accompanied by a 2.0 litre four cylinder turbo with 189BHP and 206lb ft of torque. The only diesel shall be a 1.5 litre that produces 114BHP and 199lb ft of torque. Each model will be offered with stop/start. The chassis features an all-new suspension that includes adaptive dampers that can be altered via two modes. This Mini will be offered both as a three, and for the first time, five door model.