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F-Type Project 7 hits Goodwood


Jaguar have revealed their 21st century rendition of the famous D-Type race car with a modified version of the stunning F-Type which is going under the pseudonym of ‘Project 7’ named such because of the 7 wins Jaguar have got from Le Mans. This beast is a one-off and has been made solely to wow the sun soaked Goodwood crowd.


New side skirts, a superlight carbon fibre splitter at the front and rear diffuser have all been stuck on to it as well as a permanent spoiler and a slimmed down windscreen. The Project 7 is a single seater where the driver sits half a centimeter lower than in the normal F-Type. Underneath this extensively designed exterior is the same 5.0-litre supercharged V8 you would find under the ordinary supercharged F-Type but the boffins at Jaguar have found an extra 54bhp raising the total power 545bhp. It’ll get to 62mph in just a graze over 4 seconds and it’ll stop going at 186mph. Unfortunately not even the wealthiest of the wealthiest will be able to walk out of the dealership with one of these so we’ll just have to sit back and admire for now.