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Ferrari 458 Niki Lauda Edition is a One-Off


Ferrari 458 Niki Lauda Edition frontNiki Lauda is a living legend. The calculative racing driver won three Formula One world championships through decades where the sport would often see the loss of two drivers a season. Lauda’s horrific crash in 1976 saw him almost die, yet heFerrari 458 Niki Lauda Edition inside returned to fight for the title just six weeks later showing the most incredible determination. A special Ferrari has been created to honour him.

Commissions by its owner through the Ferrari Taylor Made program, this is the Ferrari 458 Niki Lauda Edition. The 458’s paintwork mimics that of his 1970’s Ferrari Formula One cars with white detailing and gold alloy wheels. A stripe sporting the colours of the Italian flag runs over the roof and through the interior of the car. Powered by the Italia’s standard 4.5 litre V8, this car numbers just one of one.