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Ferrari Confirm Enzo Successor To Get V12


The Ferrari Enzo is an astonishing machine. Formula One technology surges through its veins all the way to its glorious Italian V12 heart. We know it and Ferrari knows we know it, the Enzo’s much awaited successor isn’t all that far away and now Ferrari has let the cat out of the bag. Its engine is to be just as glorious as the rest of the car…

Speculation had it that Ferrari could use a twin-turbo V8 in this new flagship to ease emissions and please the green party. I am happy to report that this is not the case! The car will be powered by a new V12 and we are very glad to hear this. It is also to be paired with F1 inspired KERS and other systems to help reduce the amount of CO2 being emitted. Big traditional engines are slowly being killed off in favor of turbo power and this is sad. The day Ferrari stop making a V12 unit the world shall stop revolving. Its like bread and butter, they just go together. That day is not today and we can now all rest easy that this beast will have a beating heart of 12 cylinders.