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Fiat 500 1957 Edition is Pure Retro


Fiat 500 1957 EditionThe Fiat 500 is a motoring icon. From past to present it has been popular with the masses, much like the Mini. This Italian “peoples car” has a cult following… I even have a Friend who did a road trip in Italy specifically with a 500! Todays Fiat 500 is a massive sales success with its compact shape, modern styling and just enough retro to make it fashionable.  The launch of this 1957 Edition means that our retro-detector is reading off of the chart.

Celebrating 57 years of the Cinquecento, 500 in Italian, this car harks back to the original. The vintage appearance comes courtesy of some new chrome trim, retro powder paint and hubcaps so large you could use them as a crash helmet. Powered by a 1.4 litre MultiAir engine, this 500 1957 Edition is also equipped with new engine mapping and sports suspension. 31MPG is the cars claimed economy.

Time to go back to the future or a indulge in a blast from the past? You decide.