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German Grand Prix Canceled


Mercedes-AMG 2015Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport and to be involved costs big money. If you are a new driver you are expected to bring millions in sponsorship, if you are a team you need to spend colossal sums building and then developing your car throughout the season, and if you are a track owner you must pay the fee for F1 to visit. Most of the time the ticket sales more than cover the cost of hosting the event, but it is financial issues that have lead to the German Grand Prix being dropped from the 2015 calendar.

Set to stage the 2015 race, the Nurburgring has refused to pay the rather large charge to host the event which it usually alternates with Hockenheim. What has changed since 2013 when Formula One last visited? New ownership. The tracks new custodians are unwilling to fund the German Grand Prix and so F1 has looked to Hockenheim to step in. Unfortunately they feel that there is too little time to market the change of venue and so have declined. Mercedes-Benz has offered to pay half of any potential loss a track might encounter in order for the race to go ahead as planned.

As it stands now there will not be a German Grand Prix, a race that has not been absent from the sport since 1960.