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Mercedes-AMG GT is Colossal Coupe


Mercedes-AMG GT profileThe Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is no more. Production has ended and we said our goodbye to the much loved gullwing flagship the other week. A brilliant machine and a tough act to follow considering that it has already been earmarked as a future icon. After months of teasing and camouflaged mules testing, we at last have our first proper look at the SLS’ successor. Named the Mercedes-AMG GT, to say it has potential is an understatement.

Retaining the long bonnet and short rear overhang of the SLS, despite being 92mm shorter, the Mercedes-AMG GT is to take on the likes of Porsche’s 911 and Jaguar’s F-Type. Bold design features detail the new car including highly sculpted air intakes and a concave grill. Under the bonnet sits the Germans new 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine. The GT will come in two guises; GT and GT S. Both using the same engine but differing in exterior detailing, chassis setup and power output. GT models produce 456BHP and 442lb ft of torque whilst the GT S get 503BHP and 479lb ft. 0-62MPH takes 4 seconds and 3.8 seconds respectively. A standard GT will clock a top speed of 189MPH and a GT S 193MPH. The interior is a snug cockpit befitting of a modern grand tourer. A central bank of vertical buttons leads to a large infotainment system. Bolstered seating and a chunky steering wheel are an AMG staple.

The Mercedes-AMG GT will go on sale early 2015. Prices are to be announced in the following weeks.

Mercedes-AMG GT cockpitMercedes-AMG GT rear