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New BMW M3 and M4 Spill their Secrets


BMW M4 frontWith BMW dividing the coupe and saloon 3 Series into separate models, coupe is now known as the 4 Series, the next logical question on the lips of enthusiasts is when will the M division release their take on this next generation. The answer is very soon and with engines getting smaller and turbocharged, people want to know specifically about what will sit under the bonnet of these cars. BMW has now spilt the beans.

As expected the mighty 4.0 litre V8 of the previous generation his been dropped in favour of a 3.0 litre in-line six. Accompanied by two turbos, this new engine produces 424BHP and what BMW are saying is “significantly more than 369lb ft of torque.” Yes, this unit may be smaller than the one it replaces, in fact it is the smallest since the launch of the original M3, but it actually produces 10BHP more than its predecessor. The new engine is also more efficient.

Both the M3 and M4 will use this engine but also make the most of lightweight carbon roofs as well as a greater use of aluminium.