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New Vauxhall ADAM Is A Real Fashion Victim


The undisputed capital of romance, fine cuisine and fashion will next month play host to Vauxhall’s newest arrival, the pocket sized ADAM. Revealed for the first time last month, the ADAM will be taking to the catwalk at the Paris Motor Show from the 27th September and aims to add an injection of much needed chic to Vauxhall’s city car line up where the none-too-sexy Agila falls short.

Though sadly lacking a dozen red roses and a Michelin Star chef on purchase (we assume), the ADAM will take plenty of Parisian inspiration in the field of fashion, providing prospective customers with a level of personalisation normally exclusive to the luxury end of the market. The countless interior and exterior styling combinations will be based around three questionably named trim options; ‘JAM’ for a fashionable and colourful look, ‘GLAM’ for elegance and sophistication and ‘SLAM’ for a sporty feel.  We can only speculate on an eighties throwback ‘WHAM!’ variant for future release.

Although Vauxhall claim that the ADAM bucks the current design trend in the small car segment, we think there is more than a hint of the DS3’s about their latest offering. Maybe it is unfair to draw that parallel as the two are realistically in different fields of combat, but if the ADAM is trying to take a page out of that particular styling book, it is certainly learning from one of the best in the business.

Offered with a choice of three four-cylinder petrol engines, including the 70 BHP 1.2-litre and the 100 BHP 1.4-litre, all available with optional Start/Stop technology, the ADAM will eventually adopt Vauxhall’s new-generation small petrol engine with an all-new six-speed gearbox.

So, can Vauxhall really transform itself in to a fashion statement? Fanciful it might sound, but if you are going to start turning heads and catching admiring glances, there is nowhere better to do it than in the most fashionable city in the world.

Expect the ADAM to hit UK showrooms in early 2013.