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WRC Rule Change to be Dramatic


Subaru Impreza WRCRallying is arguably the toughest form of motorsport with man and machine hurting towards trees, cliff faces and even houses at biblical speed to set a time. This “do or die” nature that these events have create a fearless breed of driver that knows car control like no other. However, WRC is nowhere near as popular as it once was, at one point bigger than Formula One. To regain the spectacle a WRC rule change is underway.

The WRC Commission sees the importance of getting rallying back on the map just as much as the fans do. Currently the rules see teams constrained to using B-segment cars and a specific engine capacity. This is a far cry from the Group-B fire breathing monsters which would leap through the air inspiring adults and children alike.

The WRC rule change is to come into play for the 2017 season with things to be set in stone by the end of this year. Manufacturers will be able to run D-segment cars and any capacity engine they like as long as it adheres to new fuel flow regulations. There is also a big emphasis on the cars not looking like one another and so it is presumed that aerodynamic rules will be relaxed.

These new rules and regulation aim not only to increase the spectacle of WRC, but may also entice new manufacturers into the sport as well as encourage lost ones to rejoin.

Bring back the Subaru VS Mitsubishi glory days!