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2013 Renault Clio Unveiled


Every car manufacturer has a core product that it sells vast quantities of. These models are very important for the health of the business and so when it comes to redesigning them, a great deal of care is taken. Renault’s little Clio is a brilliant hatchback offering well priced practicality and a reasonable level of driver involvement. Today Renault has spilt the beans on their next generation car.

This is the 4th car to take the Clio name and the French claim that this incarnation offers even higher levels of quality and refinement. That may be so, but look at it! It really is an ugly machine. Did nobody attempt to curb the designers enthusiasm for obscure and repulsive design features? That aside, if you can remove the hideous imagery from your mind, the new car is more spacious than the one it replaces and inside appears to have a more premium architecture. The new Clio must compete with Peugeot’s 208 and so pricing will be a crucial element of this cars success or failure. Entry level for this Clio will be a 0.9 litre turbocharged motor.

Expect to shield your eyes from the all-new Clio when it hits the road in early 2013.