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Aston Martin Partner with Mercedes AMG


Aston Martin AMGDid you know that the economic climate is a little sour at the moment? Even for big established brands these are though times. Though companies such as Aston Martin aren’t struggling, keeping costs down is always a good way to ensure there is money in the bank. The British brand has today signed a technical partnership with Mercedes AMG which could bare some rather interesting fruit.

The partnership will allow Aston Martin to use Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division and their resources to build unique V8’s for up and coming models. Don’t worry about the death of Aston’s legendary V12, we expect that to remain a staple for flagship cars. The agreement also gives Daimler AG 5% of non-voting shares in Aston Martin. Despite their now German connection, all Aston Martin sports car will still be manufactured in the UK. The press release states “Working with Mercedes-AMG in this way while, of course, remaining independent and preserving the unique character and style of Aston Martin that has been the mainstay of the company throughout its 100-year history, points to a very bright future for the company as it starts its second century in business.”

What does this all mean in reality? Well, let us just say that the next V8 Vantage should be quite an interesting car.