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New Honda NSX Concept-GT Racer Takes On Suzuka


Honda NSX Concept-GT trackWe are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Honda NSX in 2015. This V6 hybrid supercar is exactly what the doctor ordered to bring some excitement into the Japanese manufacturer. Aiming to take the fight to Ferrari just as the original NSX did, the mid-engined machine aims to not only be fast, but also bring with it that famed Honda reliability. Whilst the introduction of the new car is still a year away, 2014 will see Honda field the Honda NSX Concept-GT in Japan’s Super GT500 race series.

Sporting an aggressive aerodynamic package, the new Honda NSX Concept-GT racer has been let loose on the fabled Suzuka circuit. Not only does this lean mean racing machine look the business, but it also makes a biblical noise as it shoots past. Imagine a large collection of very angry wasps and you are partway there… The car looks composed and extremely sure footed thanks to the downforce it generates. This video shows the NSX preparing for its debut race that will see it take on competitors such as the Lexus LF-CC. Check out our coverage of the Honda NSX Concept-GT HERE and don’t forget to check out the video below!