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A Chat with Horacio Pagani


Mr PaganiWhat posters did you have on your bedroom wall growing up? Most motoring journalists will tell tails of Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Countach and Porsche 911 Turbo, but I am of a younger generation. Being an early 90’s kid these cars werePagani Huayra white carbon doors legends but not of my era. No, my poster car was a Pagani Zonda. A new car from a relatively new company had captured my imagination with all of its aesthetic drama. Step back into the modern day and Pagani, against all odds, have triumphed in the face of adversity. The Italian brand have claimed a seat at the table of all-time performance car legends, a challenge that many have attempted but few have succeeded. Today the Huayra takes over from the Zonda as the flagship model. Its design and craftsmanship is unlike anything you have ever seen on a road car. Last week at Salon Privé a white and carbon detailed Huayra arrived drawing quite the crowd. The door rose skyward and out emerged Horacio Pagani, the modern day da Vinci of the motor industry. If you know your cars, then you shall also know that I am not exaggerating. I caught up with Mr Pagani to ask him a few questions.

A very friendly man, Mr Pagani shook my hand and smiled. I was a bit starstruck as here was the fellow who designed one of the greatest supercars, and I am chatting to him in the grounds of Syon House that is packed with the most exotic cars on Earth. The whole thing was quite surreal.

He might be the father of two incredibly iconic cars, but MR Pagani still appreciated the fine machinery around him. “I am truly happy being here with such beautiful cars. Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. It is such a special place to be.” When you look at any Pagani it has the intricate detailing you might find on a fine watch. I asked if Horacio Pagani saw himself as more of an engineer or an artist. “I am a designer and the meaning of designer is a mixture between the engineer and the artist.” I then noticed over Mr Pagani’s shoulder were two of the most talked about hyper cars of the moment, the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari. I was curious as to what set of keys he would take if he couldn’t drive his own car. Immediately and without hesitation he replied “LaFerrari, it is romantic.”

Thank you to Mr Pagani for taking the time to speak with me and also to Luca Venturi for translating.

Pagani Huayra white carbon