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Honda Project 2&4 Concept Takes on the Atom


Honda Project 2&4 ConceptThe Ariel Atom is a totally bonkers car! Brilliant in every way, but bonkers. Whilst other track toys have come and gone, the Atom has retained its reputation as the most extreme of the bunch with its liberal attitude to bodywork and outrageous pace. Honda power is at the British cars heart but now it would seem that the Japanese company wants a slice of that action for itself. Revealed at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show, this is the intriguing Honda Project 2&4 Concept.

Yes, as the name suggests this is just a concept car for now and was born out of a design competition within Honda. This seemingly Transformer inspired car blends both motorcycles and their four wheeled brothers. The driver sits in a cradle on one side of the car that moves on hinges through a corner, sort of simulating the movement you would get on a bike. Its engine, located on the opposite side to the driver, is a 999cc V4 from a MotoGP racer but detuned to 212BHP. The Honda Project 2&4 Concept will rev to 14,000rpm and weighs just 405KG.

As mentioned, it is just a concept but Honda do appear to be on a performance offensive. Never say never…