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Ken Block Drifts into Dubai with Gymkhana 8


Ken Block has calved out a name for himself and has come a very long way from drifting in and out of aircraft hangers. Now with the full support of Ford Performance, his sideways antics have grown more daring and spectacular. Armed once again with his trusty all wheel drive Ford Fiesta, Ken takes a trip to Dubai and even bumps into some locals in Gymkhana 8. Caution! This video contains the torture of many tyres.

Opening with Mr Block and a bird of prey followed by a random cheetah?!? It doesn’t tale long for the action to kick off. Backfiring into life, the Fiesta heads out of the sandy dunes and for the city. The cars new paintwork glimmering under the beating sun looks the part. It was obvious the famed Abu Dhabi Police force and their fleet of exotic patrol cars would feature, but Ken Block’s car control in Gymkhana 8 is faultless. Sliding within inches of these valuable machines, it doesn’t bare thinking about as to what would have happened if he hit one. Onwards and an impromptu drag race erupts demonstrating the savage acceleration of the Fiesta. Can you sport the product placement of the new Ford Focus RS and GT? If the video wasn’t already flavoursome enough, add one taxiing Boeing 747. The visuals in Gymkhana 8 are the best we have seen so far and this location played its part perfectly.

News has recently been announced that Ken Block will be fielding a Focus RS in Rally Cross and so this is likely the end of the road for the Fiesta that helped him make his name. From the rendering below things are looking promising for the hot hatchback based machine. A widened track means extreme flaring to the arches. This should be quite the successor. Roll on Gymkhana 9!

Check out the Gymkhana 8 video.

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