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Lexus LF-CC Super GT500 Racer is Lean and Mean


Lexus LF-CC Super GT500A few years ago the sort of words you might associate with Lexus would be; soothing, luxurious and class. However, the brand is working very hard to change their image and move away from being just a luxury car maker. The Lexus LFA marked a turning point as the technologically advanced supercar with its howling V10 showed the company in a new light. That trend is to continue thanks to the LF-CC Super GT500 racer.

To compete in the 2014 Super GT500 series which is held in Japan, this striking piece of kit is to hit the track and further show Lexus’ metamorphosis. The LF-CC concept car seen in 2012 is to become a road legal model and will also spawn a convertible variant. With this racing car and a new flagship sports car in the wings, Lexus are proving to be a “sporting brand.”