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BMW M4 Concept Revealed


2014 BMW M4 Concept frontThe BMW M3 coupe was a legend within its own lifetime. An accessible performance machine for all ages that wielded typical German reliability and practicality. After BMW’s nameplate reshuffle the M3 coupe brand no longer exists, but the model now makes up its own badge know as the M4. At Pebble Beach BMW took the covers off of not only a new concept car, but a new future for performance coupes.

This is the BMW M4 concept, a machine that very closely resembles the finished product that will be shown at the Detroit motor show next year. The car resembles the recently launched M-performance package for the 4 Series but includes a much more aggressive front grill and bumper, as well as swollen rear wheel arches. Technical details are few and far between at this point but what is beyond question, unlike that horrific green paint, is that under the bonnet will be a straight six as opposed to the M3’s V8.

2014 BMW M4 Concept profile2014 BMW M4 Concept rear