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McLaren 650S Le Mans is a Rare Breed


McLaren 650S Le Mans profileMcLaren is a company that was forged in the arena of motorsport. Long before any car sporting their logo hit the road, Bruce McLaren took his brand racing. Today McLaren’s racing efforts, McLaren 650S Le Mans insideparticularly their success in Formula One, is world famous. The first production McLaren road car was obviously the legendary F1. However, it wasn’t long before the British team spotted this cars track potential and so prepared a GTR variation for Le Mans. Astonishingly the car won the race in historic fashion, something the world of motorsport will never forget. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of that victory is the McLaren 650S Le Mans.

In collaboration with Peter Stevens of McLaren F1 design fame, this 650S Le Mans has been designed to subtly mimic the GTR. A roof snorkel sucks air down towards its 3.8 litre twin-turbocharged engine which packs the same 641BHP as the standard car. The wings sport louvers to reduce air pressure over the front wheels. Carbon fibre features heavily along with light weight alloy wheels. A unique paint named Sarthe Grey coats its modified bodywork.

Just 50 McLaren 650S Le Mans will be produced making them very rare indeed. Even with a price tag of £244,500 if you want one you need to move fast.