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Page 3 Should be Given to the Supercar


LaFerrari Jay KayIf you live in the UK you will have no doubt read the news that the infamous Page 3 of The Sun newspaper will be no more. By that I don’t mean it will skip from page 2 to 4, but the traditional page of women sporting their breasts will only exist online and not in print. Now I am not going to open the whole can of worms as to whether it is “wrong morally” VS “it’s just a bit of traditional fun” but there is no denying that it has contributed to The Suns success. 44 years of boobs has complimented simply written stories, image based media and plenty of football news. The question is what should now sit on Page 3?

Thinking about this demographically; The Sun isn’t really the intellectuals choice, cue hate mail due to the papers vast popularity, and so what replaces Page 3 should be just as eye catching but no more informative. Also Page 3 is predominantly a “blokes page” and so I have been thinking… Why not turn Page 3 into an unashamed poster page of supercars. Shiny, expensive, powerful cars that will have lads up and down the country fixated for almost as long as they otherwise would be. Garnish it with 80’s legends and pure stats about how powerful they are, or modern-day aspirations and how much they cost.

I Tweeted about this as it was a passing thought, but I really think I’m onto something here.

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