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McLaren P1 GTR gets 986BHP


McLaren P1 GTRAre you ready to scream like an excited little girl? All in good time… Let us first start with a history lesson. In 1992 the world was introduced to the biblical McLaren F1. This supercar bristled with the latest Formula One technologies and was designed by the legendary Gordon Murrary. This car took the world by storm landing itself the title of world fastest production car and retaining it for a over a decade. Today the F1 is still regarded to be one of the greatest cars of all time. However its fable was further boosted by the introduction of the McLaren F1 GTR, a racing variation that not only won its class on its debut at the Le Mans 24 hour, but also beat off purpose built prototypes to win overall. Today the F1’s successor, the P1, has followed in its forefathers footsteps and become a benchmark in the automotive landscape. Now the McLaren P1 GTR gets its turn!

After a letter to existing McLaren P1 customers was circulated about a possible track-only version of the car, the British company found themselves with a demand for such a machine. The McLaren P1 GTR is designed to be the “the best drivers car in the world on track.” Whist this outline is the only visual tease we have at the moment, it is clear to see the cars more aggressive aerodynamic revisions. Some technical details have been issued. Brace yourselves.

The McLaren P1 GTR will produce 986BHP. The tyres will be racing slicks in each corner of the widened track. It will cost each owner a staggering £1,980,000 and includes access to 6 bespoke racing events, McLaren’s driver fitness team and their simulator.

Will this car enter Le Mans in the hands of a privateer team? My god, we hope so! Production begins after the last of the 375 McLaren P1 road cars has been built.