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Michael Schumacher out of Coma


Schumacher out of ComaSchumacher has become the byword for fast. A legend in his own lifetime, Michael Schumacher is a 7 times Formula One world champion. This not only makes him handy behind the wheel, but also the the most successful F1 driver in the history of the sport. The retired racing ace suffered a horrific skiing accident in the French Alps on 29th December 2013 which resulted in a medically induced coma being required after brain surgery. Fears for Michael’s longterm health grew from there and after nearly 6 months unconscious, hope began to waver. Today we are so thrilled to bring you good news. He is back! Michael Schumacher out of coma.

Michael Schumacher is conscious and is being moved to Lausanne University hospital in Switzerland where his rehabilitation will continue. He is now out of danger! That said, his current condition and cognitive functioning have not been disclosed. We do know that he has been communicating with his family which is fantastic news. His agent has also said that this next stage of his recovery will take place away from the public eye which I’m sure we can all understand. “Schumacher out of Coma” reads many headlines today.

This is very all very good to hear after such a long time of uncertainty. Schumacher’s family also want to thank well-wishers for all of their support.

Keep at it Michael!