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Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster Teaser


mercedes-amg-gt-cA video teaser for the new Mercedes-AMG GT C roadster has been released ahead of its official public unveiling at the Paris Motor Show later this month.

The GT C is set to sit above the standard AMG-GT and GT S in the range although no specific technical details have been released yet. It will keep the immense 4.0-litre V8 turbocharged hot V engine which remains consistent throughout the range but is destined to receive a power boost over the GT S with a more focused chassis setup.

The Mercedes-AMG GT C roadster will therefore nestle in-between the GT S, which produces 503 bhp, and the top-of-the-range AMG GT R with its 577bhp. We can therefore expect a power output of around the 535bhp mark although as stated, nothing is confirmed as of yet. We can also presume that the GT C will receive many of the technical features found on the hardcore GT R model to cope with the increase in power.

Whilst a coupe version is likely to be created later on in the GT C’s life, the teaser shows it as a convertible, whilst early shots of the car reveal it will be given a soft top rather than a folding metal roof in the pursuit of keeping weight down.

The video reveals very little but we love the Mercedes-AMG GT and cannot wait to see what it looks like with its hood down. More information on the Mercedes-AMG GT C will be released at its unveiling at the Paris Motor Show.