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Charles Morgan’s Booting from the Company is Most UnBritish


Morgan AeroMaxMorgan Motor Cars has been run by Charles Morgan and his family for over 100 years, quite the testament to the products that they produce. The Beautifully British character that is deeply engrained into every one of these sports cars is one of charm. Success from the new 3 Wheeler model has spurred the business on as they look to the future, however, as it stands now this future does not include Charles Morgan.

Charles Morgan is no longer a member of the management team or the board of directors at Morgan Motor Cars, yet, he does remain a shareholder. The cause of Charles’ removal is being deliberately kept quiet according to a tweet from his wife Kiera: “A little mouse tells me that the bullying that is taking place at the factory is unreal. People are being gagged & threatened not to speak.” She also said “If you all knew the truth about the unfair removal of @charlesmorganuk your blood would go cold.” Charles Morgan has said that he is going to appeal the decision but has made no further comment. His Twitter account has stayed quiet, only retweeting other users opinions on his removal.

Whatever is going on it certainly isn’t very gentlemanly, and sure as hell not very British.