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Robert Kubica to Step-Up to WRC for Wales Rally GB


Kubica WRC2Robert Kubica is truly a very talented driver. His motorsport career propelled him to the very top and in Formula One this Polish star shone bright. It was said that Ferrari were on the cusp of signing him to drive for them before his terrible accident Robert Kubica WRChappened. Between Grand Prix Kubica enjoyed partaking in rally events and it turned out he was actually rather good! However, on one of these events he had a crash and part of a barrier pierced his car almost severing his forearm. He so far has not regained enough dexterity in his hand to drive an F1 car, but in the mean time he has been making waves in the world of rallying. Now it is his turn at the top.

Previously competing and winning in lower tiers, Rober Kubica will be armed with a top spec Citroen DS3 WRC car for Wales Rally GB. In the lesser WRC2 category he has won four rallies out of the six he has competed in and so he should feel confident in his abilities. What a remarkable man! After all he has been through his talent has prevailed and we wish Robert luck.

Wales Rally GB runs from 14th-17 November.