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Ferrari FXX Replacement LaFerrari XX Spotted Testing


LaFerrari XXThere have been rumblings for a while now that Ferrari may well be preparing for a LeMans comeback. Strange prototype LaFerrari’s have been spotted out on the road with what sounds like turbocharged engines and with Luca di Montezemolo displaying a clear interest in endurance racing, fuel has been added to the fire. Today some intriguing spy shots may have given us the final pieces of the puzzle, or have they started a new one entirely?

Italian website Auto Sprint published a picture of what appears to be a disguised racing spec LaFerrari. Now this could well be a LeMans racer, be we think that if Ferrari were to return to the sport they would do so in top class LMP1 cars. We think that this car is in fact the successor to the Ferrari FXX. The XX program allows wealthy individuals to become part of the Scuderia’s testing team by racing their track only extreme prancing horse whilst the boys in red collect data. The FXX was based upon the Ferrari Enzo but that machine is a bit outdated, I can’t believe I just said that, and no longer king of the hill. This LaFerrari based car (LaFerrari XX?) is clearly not for road use. I guess we shall have to wait and see what Ferrari have for us at Geneva.