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Jaguar XE Spied in Sierra Nevada


Jaguar XE Sierra Nevada frontCar manufacturers like to make the launch of their new products a bit of a surprise. They might drip feed the media information and teaser images for months leading up to the actual launch, but the car itself is kept well hidden. UnfortunatelyJaguar XE Sierra Nevada rear for the brands they have to complete real-world testing on these new models before they go on sale and so that gives us a good chance of getting an early look. That is exactly what happened last weekend. Jaguar XE Spied in Sierra Nevada.

One of our resident journalists, Matt Lawrence, was out enjoying the sun in Spain when all of a sudden something made him snap into action. A mysteriously disguised saloon car was prowling around in the heat clearly doing some form of hot weather testing. He hedged his bets that this was the new Jaguar XE and after cross-referencing some other spy images we can confirm that it indeed was.

Still wearing camouflage, the new Jaguar that will be constructed predominately of aluminium, 75% of it in fact,  claims fuel economy of over 75MPG. This car will compete directly with the BMW 3 Series. Jaguar XE spied in Sierra Nevada by Inside Lane.