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Our Best Look Yet at the New Hardcore Ford GT


The latest Ford GT is one of the most extreme road-legal cars on the Tarmac today. Designed as a racer, and then backwards engineered into being a road car for homologation, this motorsport machine features inherent aerodynamic advantages. A shadowy image would suggest that Ford aren’t done with its halo supercar just yet.

Revealed in a teaser image is what appears to be an enhanced Ford GT. With a few of alterations to the original file, the picture shows the silhouette of a GT, but clearly featuring a large rear wing and roof snorkel akin to the racer. It is to be revealed by Hermann Salenbauch from Ford Performance and Larry Holt of Multimatic at 09:45 BST 4 July. The Goodwood Festival of Speed announcement would suggest that we’ll see it in action, too.

So, what is it? There are a few strong theories on the car, with the most obvious being that this model is a hardcore variant of the GT. Some speculation suggests that it could even serve to homologate a new GT for the recently announced hyper car rules for Le Mans 2021. Both tantalising prospects.

The GT racing car successfully won the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hour race on the 50th anniversary of Ford’s historic 1, 2, 3 victory over Ferrari in 1966. It was a momentous achievement, and one that Ford channeled a lot of time and money into. 2019 saw Ford’s final factory-backed Le Mans effort with the GT.

The current Ford GT hosts a 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine, a motor producing some 647bhp. We’d expect this enhanced GT to kick the power up to near 700bhp, feature far more aggressive aerodynamic bodywork, and be lighter than standard. There is the potential for some form of hybrid powertrain if this is indeed a car designed to enter the new hyper car infused Le Mans events.

We’ll be at Goodwood taking a closer look at this monster GT in person.