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A Brief Chat with Bruno Senna


Bruno SennaBruno Senna is not only the nephew of legendary 3 times Formula One world champion Ayrton Senna, but is a fully fledged racing driver in his own right. His late uncle always said he was one to watch out for in the future and clearly influenced Bruno’s career choice greatly. Bruno Senna attended Carfest South last weekend driving a Honda NSX to the delight of the crowd. I caught up with him for a chat about different racing disciplines.

Bruno immediately comes across as a very likeable character. A man who puts plenty of thought into the words that leave his mouth and someone who listens to others intently. I asked him about what the most rewarding form of racing he has been involved in.

Senna has been involved in many forms of motorsport working his way up from Formula BMW, Formula 3, GP2 and eventually into Formula One for a few seasons. Recently World Endurance racers from Aston Martin and Oreca have been his “company car.”

“Formula One is the ultimate” he stated with the cars being so focused and precise. However, for him the most satisfying was GP2. “The technology, speed and competition were the best.” He loved the quality of drivers and how close the racing in GP2 is.

Bruno has just been announced as a driver competing in Formula E for the 2014/15 season. “They are very different” going on to say that he was “excited” about his new challenge. These electric racing cars present new technologies as well as racing dynamics for both engineers and drivers.