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British IndyCar Champion Dies In Crash


Motorsport is dangerous. I am simply repeating what it says on the back of every event ticket. It is an adrenaline sport where the brave and the skilled gather to battle it out for our entertainment and their pride. The testosterone fuelled environment is one of awe but also of extreme competition, these men strap themselves into the cockpit knowing the risks better than anyone. Today it is my sad duty to tell you that motorsport has claimed another life, Dan Wheldon.

The British born IndyCar racer was competing in the final race of the season in Las Vegas yesterday when a 15 car pile-up occurred. Many cars burst into flames as they tumbled through the air at high speed. Other drivers were injured but it was Dan who paid the ultimate price for doing what he loved. A previous Indy 500 champion, this man was chasing a $5,000,000 challenge to start from the back of the grid and win the race. Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton have both paid their respects to a “great guy.”

It is very sad news but that is motorsport. It is exciting because it is dangerous and I am sure Mr Wheldon wouldn’t have had it any other way. The race was red flagged for two hours and then cancelled in his memory.

Our thoughts go out to Dan’s family and friends.