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Build Your 2012 Porsche 911


Today has been a quiet day. No real news to write up, nothing too interesting to talk about. So the general male response to these situations was employed, we occupied ourselves on the internet… No, not that! We found ourselves playing with Porsche’s brand new 911 configurator.

We look forward to our turn in Germanys latest sports car but until then we must settle for its virtual counterpart. Starting with the base Carrera S, our 3.8 litre flat-six 2012 911 took on a fair few optional extras. £32,571 of them to be exact! We opted for some rather sinister looking metallic grey paint with matching sports alloys. Inside a combination of black leather and brush aluminium coat just about every toy on the list. Our total cost came to an incredible £107,086 proving that there is room for a lot of movement from the cars £75,000 standard price.

Try it out yourself.