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Build Your Perfect Ferrari F12 Berlinetta


Ferrari’s fastest ever road production car was unveiled to the world just a matter of days ago. The 730BHP V12 monster goes by the name F12 Berlinetta. This Italian stallion will rack up 0-62MPH in just 3.1 seconds and Ferrari says that its top speed is “at least 211MPH.” Though pricing has yet to be announced, Ferrari are allowing you to build up you perfect F12.

Though the options at this point in time are limited, due to them not all being reveled yet, the configurator does enough to spark a hunger for this machine. We opted for the non-metallic black paint paired with some rather persuasive black spoked alloys. The calipers are red to match other detailing on the car. Our cockpit is black and brown as this was one of two options for now, but when it comes to ordering our F12 we will be going for a predominately black look with red stitching.

Try it out for yourself HERE.

Also FULL details of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta can be found HERE.