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Caterham Seven 310R is Ready to Rumble


Caterham Seven 310RWe love a good Caterham here at Inside Lane as they are simply pure driving fun. No bells and whistles, just four wheels, an engine, and you. The feeling of man and machine working together is at its strongest in one of these little British sports cars. Caterham’s range offers several different flavours ranging from “that’s brisk” to “so that’s what warp speed feels like.” The new Caterham Seven 310R aims to strike the perfect balance.

This Caterham Seven 310R has been described as “a happy accident” because it was never intended to be a stand alone model. Originally conceived as an upgrade package for the 270, but the end result was so enthralling that the 310R was made official. Its 1.6 litre Ford petrol engine now produces 152 BHP thanks to a new camshaft and engine remapping. 0-62 MPH takes just 4.8 seconds and it will go onto a top speed of 126 MPH. These upgrades have also been made available to existing 270 cars.

A standard 310 costs £24,995 but if you choose to build the car yourself that drops to £21,995. For the full R experience, which sharpens the car further and makes it more track ready, it’s an additional £3,995.