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Ferrari F50 Takes on Suzuka


The Ferrari F50 is one of the most criticised of Ferrari’s flagship supercars, primarily because it is said to be a bit of a handful. However, many drivers relished the challenge and were enthralled by this cars Formula One derived 4.7 litre V12 engine. A Ferrari F50 is a rare beast indeed with just 349 being produced, and so seeing one driven in anger isn’t a regular sight. We stumbled across this old video of the prancing horse doing its think at Suzuka in Japan.

The Suzuka Formula One track is a very challenging circuit and so the driver of this F50 has his work cut out. That said, he appears to be a real talent and demonstrates mastery over each apex. Seeing an F50 being worked hard is a joy and the soundtrack brought to you by over 500 BHP is certainly worth turning the volume up for!

Values of the Ferrari F50 are rising by the day with many collectors wanting to complete their halo car set. Check out the video!

1996 Ferrari F50