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Ford Focus Cosworth Boasts 330BHP


Salt and pepper, bread and butter, jelly and ice cream. All of these things just belong together. Cosworth and Ford are another pair that when combined produce some of the greatest machines on earth. The Sierra and Escort Cosworths were living legends and showed the world what a well sorted chassis and heaps of power could do on tarmac. It has been far too long since the blue oval has consorted with this powerhouse. At the SEMA show a concept car gives us new hope.

This is the Ford Focus Cosworth CS 330. Based upon the brilliant new Focus ST, this hot hatch produces 330BHP. That’s more than the outgoing Focus RS! Still powered by a 2.0 litre four cylinder motor, the extra power is thanks to a new exhaust and induction system. The suspension has also been heavily upgraded along with the brakes, both being provided by Ford Racing.

Though just a concept car for now, the current lack of an RS model could potentially see something like this make production.