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Ford Mustang Hybrid Confirmed


Ford Mustang HybridAs emissions regulation become stricter and more unforgiving, manufacturers are having to get more creative with how they deliver their performance cars. Aston Martin has turned to turbocharging, Porsche are aiming for electric cars, as are McLaren with their next flagship. It is even tougher for larger manufacture such as Ford as their emissions have to be kept below a certain average across the range. Their pony car is to undergo an interesting metamorphosis as the Ford Mustang Hybrid has been announced.

Ford has revealed that the trusty Transit, along with the top selling F-150 pickup, will get hybrid models. However, the real talking point is that the blue oval will produce a Ford Mustang Hybrid by 2020. Not many details were offered but it is said to have “V8 power and even more low-end torque.” Our best guess is that it will be the 2.3 litre EcoBoost unit that will be supplemented with an electric motor. Certainly an interesting prospect if executed in a similar manor to hybrid supercars.

The Ford Mustang Hybrid will be built in the Flat Rock assembly plant in Michigan, of which has just received an extra $700 Million investment.