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LaFerrari XX may use F1 Engine


2014 Ferrari LaFerrariAs I’m sure you will have seen over the past few days, the first reviews of LaFerrari have hit the internet and all seem very impressed with the latest Italian stallion. The 950BHP V12 hybrid supercar has been complimented on not only its colossal performance figures, but also how approachable it is for this type of machine. Ferrari’s XX program is a track based experiment which allows wealthy individuals to help Ferrari develop new technologies by driving modified experimental cars. We have had these track only testbeds as the Enzo based FXX and 599XX. Ferrari have confirmed they are developing a LaFerrari XX, but at its heart might be something rather special. LaFerrari XX may use F1 Engine.

New rules and regulations in Formula One have introduced a new power unit in the form of the 1.6 litre turbocharged V6’s. They are also attached to a series of electrical regeneration units that further boost the engines power. After videos showing LaFerrari test mules emitting a suspiciously turbocharged sound, remembering the standard car is naturally aspirated, it leads us to believe that the new LaFerrari XX could use a derivative of the Formula One V6. This has several benefits for Ferrari. Firstly the F1 engine and ERS will reduce the weight of LaFerrari XX dramatically, then there is also the ability to further test and refine these engines for their use in F1. Finally, and arguable the most important factor for customers, those who drive it have a closer link to the teams Formula One efforts.

We expect to see LaFerrari XX early next year.