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Review: Maserati GranCabrio


Maserati is a name that is prestigious with motorsport as it’s bathed in legendary tales and stature. However these days the brand is owned by Ferrari and consequently no longer makes hard-core sports cars as it did in days gone by. I mean why would they? It would compete with existing Ferrari’s and do nothing other than cost both branches of the same tree money. But do not think that the name of Maserati has been tarnished by this; in fact it has been revitalized by its new role as a luxury GT maker, a role that a Ferrari can never fulfil. The Gran Turismo of a few years ago was a very pleasant place to be offering comfort, an air of exclusivity and those fantastic looks. But it was a little too soft and too lacking in driving involvement to be an enthralling GT, and although that wasn’t its design specification, it’s what people expected. So by cutting off the Gran Turismo’s head to create the Maserati GranCabrio, has the brand produced a persona that is more in fitting with the machine?

The Maserati GranCabrio is just as good looking as its hardtop brother, yet I feel the lack of a roof is much more complimenting of the entire profile. By creating a drop-top expectations of violent acceleration melt away as the car takes on a more refined preconception, one that is much more suited to the cars characteristics. The soft steering that was criticized in the coupe is now perfectly at home in a vehicle designed not to thunder its way toward the coastline, but cruise along it. In a similar manner the once slothful responses to gear changes are well at home whilst navigating sleepy villages.

But do not think for one second that the theatrics have been muted by the cars new found tranquillity. I assure you that if you step on the noisy pedal you will be ignited with pure childish excitement to the sound of the GranCabrio’s V8. The push of a button removes the barrier of the beautiful canvas roof in 28 seconds for you to enjoy the symphony of the hand crafted Italian engine in its purest form. This four seater, well maybe two and a half, mile muncher may be a silky smooth transport but let’s not forget the Maserati name can’t be left unfulfilled. Under the curvaceous body 440 Italian stallions are the source of the orchestral sound that caresses your eardrums. 0-62MPH, if required, can be achieved in 5.4 seconds and with the roof down the car is happy to get to a terminal velocity of 175MPH. However the fantastic value for this performance of £95,630 would soon be dwarfed by the sheer lack of fuel efficacy. 12.2MPG is all it will manage around those roads it is designed to waft around, meaning that the GranCabri may not claim to be a super car but it certainly drinks like one.

You can retreat from the gargantuan petrol bills inside your very costly conveyance as the interior is more than enough to sooth the owner of the stresses of ownership. Upholstery is equal to that of the finest rooms in a stately home. The hand stitched leather is the perfect texture to relax the occupant into a state of complete rest. The seats offer fantastic support for both lower limbs and back making this car a truly pleasing place to be. Obviously the normal technological touches help make inhabitants journey less argues, the only real fault with the inners of this car is that the rear seats are only large enough for children. I mean you could squeeze an adult in the back for short journeys, but they would really have to take their legs for granted.

Overall the Maserati GranCabrio is the perfect balance of refinement and performance, much more one than the other. Well done to this iconic brand for bringing the world yet another magnificent masterpiece.