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McLaren Launch MP4-28


McLaren MP4-28 profileMcLaren had a rough time of it in the 2012 Formula One season. In year where they undoubtably had the fastest car for the majority of races, McLaren MP4-28 topmechanical and human errors cost them a world championship that should have been theirs. An added blow at the end of the season came when one of their star drivers, Lewis Hamilton, announced he was to leave the British team and move to Mercedes AMG. McLaren has worked hard throughout the winter on their 2013 car and today we see the fruits of their labour for the first time.

The McLaren MP4-28 looks very similar to the 2012 car thanks to the regulations not changing dramatically, however, Jenson Button has said “under the skin, this is so, so different.” Celebrating their 50th year, McLaren hope that Button and young gun Perez can bring back another world title to the most successful team in F1. McLaren have completely overhauled the car taking a “risky” ground-up redesign and refinement. The chassis of the car looks to be higher to improve airflow underneath the chassis and the sidepods are closer to the rear in comparison to the MP4-27.