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McLaren P1 GTR in Action


McLaren P1 GTR testingThe McLaren P1 is an astonishing piece of design and technology. A 903BHP hybrid supercar crafted with Formula One levels of precision. At the push of a button this road legal race car can transform into something astonishing for the track.McLaren P1 GTR cockpit Alterations in ride hight and aerodynamic profile in track mode are so extreme that you would be arrested for taking it on a public highway. 375 McLaren P1 will be built, an exclusive club, yet ownership could gain you access to a car with even lower volume. The McLaren P1 GTR is a track only variation of this living legend and only existing P1 owners were invited to buy it. Here is our first look at this car in action.

Sounding menacing and looking like something Batman would drive, the McLaren P1 GTR plays homage to the Le Mans winning F1 GTR. Power from its 3.8 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine comes to 986BHP. A large fixed rear wing is just one of the many aerodynamic changes to this car. Costing £1,980,000 the lucky few to own this car will befit from the McLaren driver program which will arrange global events, give access to simulators as well as personal fitness experts. On show for the first time is the GTR’s cockpit which features the a wheel inspired by the  championship winning MP4-23. Naked carbon fibre fashions the race prepared interior. Each car will be given its own livery to the buyers specification.

Check out the video detailing the drivers program.