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McLaren Tease MP4-28


McLaren MP4-28 teaserMcLaren are the most successful Formula One team in motorsport history, even more so than the legendary prancing horse. 2013 will see some big changes for McLaren, biggest of them all is star driver Lewis Hamilton leaving the team to join Mercedes-Benz. He is replaced by young gun Sergio Perez to complete the teams pair alongside Jenson Button. The car that McLaren aim to win the 2013 world championship with will be named the MP4-28.

Shown under a dust sheet, the MP4-28 is to be an evolution of the current MP4-27. Rule changes are minimal for 2013, unlike 2014, and so the team have been hard at work for months perfecting a successful formula. Really McLaren should have dominated the 2012 season as their car was blisteringly quick, alas, due to technical gremlins and human error the title slipped into the hands of Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel. Hopefully the British team can put their reliability issues to bed.

The MP4-28 will be revealed January 31st.