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Mercedes-Maybach 6 is Pure Luxury


Mercedes-Maybach 6 rearWhilst things for Maybach didn’t end too well when functioning as a standalone brand, the famed German name is now becoming a more intricate part of Mercedes-Benz. We have already seen this in the form of the first Mercedes-Maybach model, however, it would appear things are being explored further with this concept car. Making its debut at Monterey Car Week, this is the extreme Mercedes-Maybach 6.

This is 5.7 metres of pure luxury blended with limitless imagination. The Mercedes-Mercedes-Maybach 6 insideMaybach 6 concept car is a teardrop shaped coupe that is all about style and opulence. We recently tested the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet and thought that was impressive, but this is on an entirely different level! The interior is minimalist with some of its displays being projected onto the windscreen. Ambient lighting surrounds the passenger space and outlines the front seats. The car seats four and occupants enter via a set of gull wing doors.

Powered by a 738bhp electric drivetrain making the Mercedes-Maybach 6 a powerful machine indeed. Its underpinnings are actually being developed for production in future Mercedes-Benz models.