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New Caterham Seven 160 to Cost Less than £15K


Caterham Seven 160 frontSome of todays cars feel so far removed from their actual driving experience. With their power steering and fly by wire technologies, not to mention a wide range of electronic nannies, more and more of them do seem to be loosing touch with theirCaterham Seven 160 inside roots. One machine that has never is the Caterham Seven. Granted that is mainly due to it not changing for decades, but the point still stands. Now there is a new model that is even more grassroots.

More back to basics than a Caterham Seven? Yep, and it is called the 160. It will cost you a very reasonable £14,995 if you are willing to build it yourself or £17,995 from the factory. The idea of this car is that it’s the purest form of driving. Just you, four wheels and an engine. That said engine is a 660cc three cylinder turbocharged unit from Suzuki that outputs a petit 80BHP and 79lb ft of torque. Doesn’t sound much does it? However, factor in that this bare bones car has a power-to-weight ratio of 160BHP per tonne and you will easily see where this flyweight gets its 0-60MPPH time of 6.5 seconds.