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Peugeot 208 GTi To Launch With VERY Limited Edition


Red or black? Heads or tails? Left or right? We all take many gambles in our lives, some big some small. Sometimes they pay off with great rewards but then again, other times they can be the biggest mistakes of your lives. Feeling lucky? Peugeot are launching the new 208 GTi with a limited edition, but going by the French companies last few hatchbacks it may well be the dealer winning if you put money on it.

The Peugeot 208 GTi may well be a return to form for Peugeot, but as of this moment in time nobody knows. To land yourself one of just 28 limited edition cars heading for the UK you are going to have to get onto your dealer sharpish. With 54 being sold worldwide you have a better chance than most people in other countries to snag one. With no more performance than the normal car, this model offers more equipment in the form of sat-nav, DAB radio and a union flag grill. Each car will be numbered denoting its place in the launch batch.

So, are you willing to go all in? £20,495