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Review: 2017 McLaren 570GT


2017 McLaren 570GT frontQueen famously sang “I want it all, and I want it now” but the truth is that we live in a reality where we can’t have it all. Everyday you have to make choices… Cake or salad, cash or card, Radio 1 or Radio 2. Well, McLaren have decided that it has had quite enough of sacrificing one thing for another and so designed a car where you can indeed have your cake and eat it. This is the 2017 McLaren 570GT and it is part supercar, part grand tourer.

The 570GT is part of the “Sports Series” family and so retains much of the 570S’ proportions. Softer lines flow to create this silhouette of which gives it more elegance than its racier sibling. One of the biggest differences you will notice is the cars unique2017 McLaren 570GT logo rear profile of which incorporates a new glass hatch. The way in which the roofline gracefully fades into the shoulders makes it, in my opinion, the best looking Sport Series car in the range. Of course there is still some aerodynamic wizardry at play with ducts and channels conducting the airflow. Finished in Ice Silver, our test car sported a slight tint of blue under certain light. Looking sophisticated, McLaren’s latest effort wouldn’t look out of place in Casino Square Monte Carlo.

The interior is broadly the same as what you would find on the 570S, no bad thing. This cabin is extremely ergonomic with a clean sculptural design. Tanned leather coats every surface whilst a portrait tablet offers up your infotainment pallet. By integrating 2017 McLaren 570GT cabinmany of the cars buttons into this system it clears much of the clutter created by air conditioning controls and the like. Supportive sports seats provide comfort as well as the appropriate bolstering for more spirited driving. This car also features the optional carbon pack of which adds some exquisite carbon fibre elements to the interior. More than just a GT in name, the McLaren 570GT caters for luggage via the usual 130 litre compartment in the nose, but now also a further 220 litres behind occupants. A glass hatch opens like a piano lid to reveal the leather lined space. This added utility is a big draw to those who desire to use such a machine everyday.

This added usability is further conveyed in the way the car goes about its business. With a suspension that is 15% and 10% softer in the front and rear respectively, the ride is more compliant. Still athletic in nature, but tuned to cushion road imperfections rather than be the optimum for performance. This model also lacks a sports exhaust and has increased sound deadening in order to promote a tranquil drive. At low speed with everything in its most docile setting the 570GT is magnificently composed. Whilst you never forget that you are driving something special, the car seems to just flow effortlessly. The 7 speed transmission 2017 McLaren 570GT doorseamless in its function is another marvel. At higher cruising speeds it just eats the miles like no other supercar. McLaren took this Grand Touring mantra very seriously as I believe this is a machine that you could happily cross mainland Europe in. Wind and road noise isn’t too intrusive and the torque from this cars turbos enables strong progress when required. However, when the time comes to flick those techno-marine dials over to a spicier setting, it doesn’t disappoint. The 3.8 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine behind you makes itself known by firing you towards the horizon. Despite the more vocal exhaust being optional, the standard pipes still sound great, although they are best appreciated from outside or with the window open. 562 BHP and 600Nm of torque empowers a 0-62 MPH time of 3.3 seconds. A top speed of 204 MPH puts the McLaren 570GT right up there with key supercar players. Tackling some challenging roads you will notice that the steering isn’t quite as razor sharp as that found in the 570S, but it is still responsive and offers plenty of feedback to the driver. The chassis feels dynamic and is capable of rapidly changing direction. Despite the softer suspension this McLaren maintains its composure at all times. Like the 570S, it is an engaging machine to drive hard.

The 2017 McLaren 570GT is a car with an incredible breadth of abilities. It is a bonafide supercar, a truly exciting and highly capable performance machine. Yet, you can settle down and take refuge within its cockpit that provides class leading visibility. These two polar opposites of everyday usability and exhilarating performance blend together like the colours in a watercolour painting. That is what this car is… A 204 MPH work of art.

2017 McLaren 570GT rear