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Special Bugatti Veyron’s Hit Dubai Motor Show


The Bugatti Veyron… Mans triumph over the laws of physics. In terms of significant cars over the past 100 or so years this machine ranks highly. The Bug is coming into its final stages of production with only 105 left up for grabs. All of those 105 will be of the Grand Sport variety but before this beast drives off into the sunset, Bugatti have a few specials to throw our way.

Debuting at the Dubai motor show are three special Veyron’s. First up is a black and yellow example that allows passersby to view the cars exposed carbon fibre. Matching interior also promises to draw a crowd. The price? A cool £1.3 million. The following two editions cost even more at £1,490,000 thanks to their colourfully woven carbon fibre. Your choice of blue or green carbon will be paired with aluminium and unique rims.

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